Technology Priority Framework


Our prioritization framework was developed to determine the relative research priority of building energy technologies with the potential to help the state achieve it's ZNE goals. The framework embraces and imbibes the following principles:

  • Transparency of the approach so that the assessment is an objective prioritization and not perceived as rigged process with bias or skew.
  • Scalability to include more technologies in the future as the framework can allow for addition of new and emerging technologies to the mix.
  • Flexibility of adapting the framework to allow alignment with evolving polices and not be stranded in time to get shelved and obsolete easily.

Based on results from the literature review and stakeholder input, the team was able to get a short list of the highest priority technologies. To systematically assess the relative prioritization of these technologies, we normalized them on the factors of energy impact, technology readiness, relevance in the various contexts for defining ZNE and a placeholder wild card factor, called the X-factor, to align with evolving policy and priorities.